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Our family has been visiting Dr. Weisbrot for two decades now. I switched to him after a less than satisfactory experience with two other dentists. Dr. Weisbrot is outstanding. He has good communication skills and goes out of his way to make sure that the patient understands what and why of his procedures. The staff is very friendly. I don't recall ever having to wait more than 15 minutes. The routine dental cleaning, thanks to Elizabeth, is always on time. The location of the facility is very convenient and there is plenty of parking on most days. The view from most rooms is very soothing. Billing and administration are top notch. They call to confirm the appointment. Like in the past, this visit was smooth and effective.

Dinesh Batra
December 22, 2013
On 10/9/13 in meeting Dr. Weisbrot I felt very comfortable. He took exrays of the implants and advised me. He made another appointment for me on Tuesday, 10/15/13 to have the periodontis check the work so that he could give me the best care and advice possible concerning my situation. Once the periodontis completed her evaluation, I was advised as to how I should proceed w/having the implant problem corrected.

Dr. Weisbrot did not charge me for any of his evaluated work done on 10/9/13. He honored the coupon that I received from Angie's list and I only paid $95.00 for the Perio Evaluation done by the periodontis which was inline w/the coupon.

Dr.Weisbrot presented himself as an extrememely caring person. He contacted my present implant dentist w/his diagnosis and now I feel much more comfortable w/allowing my present dentists(implant & General Dentists) to correct the problem that occurred. You see, I had paid in full close to $17,000.00 out-of-pocket fees to have this dentistry (Implants/upper and lower dentures) done and I was feeling very stressful about the situation after 1 of the implants failed which brought about other complications of which I was unsure about. Having Dr. Weisbrot involved I now feel less stressful because his diagnosis made a difference in how my situation will be resolved and I respect my present implant dentist for consulting w/him to bring my situation to a close.

I will be returning to my present dentists so that the problem can be resolved and once this procedure is completed, Dr. Weisbrot will be my new dentist. His office is located closer to where I live and his diagnosis brought peace to a situation that had become extremely stressful. It is by the grace of God that I was lead to Dr. Weisbrot through Angie's List. My present dentists are qualified dentist and Dr. Weisbrot feels that I am in capable hands and because I have already paid for this procedure and there have been no complications that can't be resolved, I must go back to them; however I am looking forward to becoming a new patient at Dr. Weisbrot's office because he has certainly been an asset to resolving my issues of concern.

Brenda Moton
October 29, 2013
Took x-rays and carefully; did a good examination. Came to Dr. Weisbrot from Referrals of friends. Dr. Weisbrot is kind, gentle, very very good at his profession. He does all forms of dentistry and more. He and his staff are GREAT. The best ever.

Eugene Bardakjy
September 22, 2013
I am so ecstatic I found such a great dental practice. I specifically joined Angie's list for reviews on a good dental practice, which is in my opinion hard to find. A previous review led me to Dr. Weisbrot. I settled for years for substandard services. Dr. Weisbrot has changed my perception on what to expect from a good dentist. The entire staff is welcoming and professional. Punctuality is a strong point for this practice. I used to spend hours at dental appointments! I am always pleasingly surprised at how fast I am attended to. Dr. Weisbrot is truly patient focused! The care and quality of work I received made my experience one of a kind in terms of dental care! Thank you Dr. Weisbrot!

Elissa Goodman
January 07, 2013