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Dental implants have been used in many different forms for over fifty years. The most common type of implant used today is titanium cylinder, and the success rate is very high.

The most widespread use of implants is for people who have difficulty wearing a lower denture. When we lose teeth, the supporting bone will dissolve away with time. When we place implants, however, the bone stabilizes and resorption stops. Anyone who has worn dentures for many years usually finds that the dentures become loose and eating becomes painful and embarrassing.

We also use implants to replace missing teeth, mainly to eliminate removable partial dentures or to avoid cutting down good teeth to place a fixed bridge. The esthetic results we can achieve are truly amazing. Most of the time, you cannot distinguish the implant tooth from the natural tooth!

There are very few people who couldn’t benefit from dental implants. I have been doing dental implant restorative treatment since 1986 and have done hundreds of cases. ​​We have an excellent surgeon who places them on-site.