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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are the more technologically advanced version of photographic X-rays. They are less harmful to the environment and more beneficial to the patients and office staff. As a result of using digital radiography, we are able to eliminate the use of film and photo processors, and the chemicals required to process the film. Digital radiography produces 50-75% less radiation than traditional methods!

We can view the x-ray immediately after it has been taken on a high resolution monitor which allows the patient and doctor to see the most amazing detail. Gone are the days when dentists hold up a little film to the light and trying to explain to the patient what it all means! Visualization improves communication, and communication is so important in a dental office.

There are many advantages to digital images versus the “old fashioned” film. A digital x-ray serves many functions such as: it can be enlarged; enhanced to adjust the contrast and brightness of the image, and it can even be emailed to a colleague or insurance company. The next time you come to our office, you will enjoy the new technology available to us!