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Dentures and partials are devices that replace missing teeth as well as the missing gum tissue that can be lost due to resorption, gum disease and even trauma. There are several types of dentures that we work with on a daily basis.

Partial dentures are secured to natural teeth using wires or special attachments to hold them in place. They can also be secured using implants that are placed in between the natural teeth which anchor it.

Full dentures work well for some people, but not as well for others. Most people don’t have problems with an upper denture because the entire palate is covered, and we can establish suction depending on the size of the palate and amount of bone. The lower dentures are only held in by gravity and a much smaller amount of bone. Also, the bone in the lower jaw resorbs at a much greater rate than the bone of the upper jaw. For this reason, it is always better to save your bottom teeth or put implants in the bottom, if that is all you can afford.