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Is Your Dentist Ripping You Off?

May 02, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Informative   |   0 Comment»

I was reading the news online and came across an article which disturbed and perplexed me. It’s called “Is Your Dentist Ripping You Off?” The article talks about how you as the patient have no idea if the fees are fair, and so it suggests that you talk to your doctor about the procedure to make sure you understand WHY it costs so much. The article also recommends you shop around, but be well aware that the “best deal” may not be the best for your mouth.

There are many dentists out there who claim to have amazingly low fees, but the quality of their service might be substandard. There are also doctors out there who charge an arm and a leg for their service, and maybe it’s because they have high rent and high costs, but the quality of their work still might be substandard. So don’t look at fee as the main factor when determining where to go for your dental work. Think about the professionalism of the doctor and his/her staff! For a free consultation, you can call us at 954-392-1635.

To read the article in full, click here.

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