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In the Green Era

July 07, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   General   |   0 Comment»

It’s so easy to be green, but many people are still unsure of how to join the movement. My business manager had hired a student from the local high school to purge our old charts, and under his direction (as he was previously uneducated on it), had her shredding paper and throwing away everything else.

He felt bad about this and decided to do some research. After looking around on the internet, he discovered that not only could the charts (made of paper) be recycled, but that the x-ray film could be picked up for free, the x-ray film mounts (considered PVC class) could be recycled, and once the sensitive documents had been shredded, they could be recycled too!

We live in a great time, one in which people are becoming more aware of our waste and how to keep it to a minimum! Please join our crusade in not only being paperless, but also recycling everything we possibly can! The less waste we create is the less raw materials that must be converted into materials that can possibly be wasted!

Here are some websites which can teach you more about waste and how to prevent it!

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